There are a ton of websites and other blogs out there with hundreds of good ideas to save money or reduce spending. So I wont get into any specifics at this point, but hereĀ are the common threads I gathered:

  • Saving MoneySet a Goal – and stick to it. Just saying you want to save isn’t good enough. It’s too vague and hard to concentrate on.
  • Make a List – write it down and stick on the fridge or your bathroom mirror, somewhere you’ll see it often. Try using Google CalendarĀ or Outlook to send you reminder alerts. This takes care of the ‘concentrating on’ part.
  • Track Your Progress and Reward Yourself – you’ll only make it so long living in a spending bubble. Keep track of the money you have saved and reward yourself at certain milestones. Perhaps a trip to the movies or a night out when you’ve paid a credit card balance down $1,000.
  • Don’t Give Up – even if you break down and buy some new clothes or an iphone off of ebay, get back on track with your saving goals the next day.