Save On Taxes

If you are paying down your student loans, save money come tax time by taking the Student Loan Interest Deduction. This is a great tax break to take advantage of because it is an above the line adjustment to income.

That means you don’t have to complicate your taxes by itemizing. Basically you subtract the interest you paid on the loans directly from your income. It’s like you never earned that money, so you don’t have to pay taxes on it.

My refund was about $150 more thanks to this. If you are a Turbo Tax user, have no fear the software knows all about it and will ask you for the appropriate information.


Saving Money

Stick to it. Just saying you want to save isn’t good enough. It’s too vague and hard to concentrate on.

Write it down and stick on the fridge or your bathroom mirror somewhere you’ll see it often. Try using Google Calendar

You’ll only make it so long living in a spending bubble. Keep track of the money you have saved.

Perhaps a trip to the movies or a night out when you’ve paid a credit card balance down $1,000.

even if you break down and buy some new clothes or an iphone off of ebay get back on track with your saving .

There are a ton of websites and other blogs out there with hundreds of good ideas to save money reduce spending.


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