Recessions Blow and now there’s a blog about it.  At this point everyone knows and understands that recessions are no fun at all. The goal of this blog is to openly discuss all the ways the recession has crept into our daily lives and what we can do about it in a trendy down to earth way. Hopefully in manner that’s relevant to readers.

First off, let’s all get it off our chests, this recession sucks. My friends and co-workers are losing jobs, my salary is getting cut, my bonuses have stopped coming in, some of my family might be losing their jobs and I can’t afford to eat out anymore.  My guess is that last sentence covers just about everyone reading this right now.  The one that really makes me mad is that I can’t eat out anymore. I love eating out. I moved to a neat apartment in the city that’s close to a ton of very unique restaurants, all of which I can’t afford to eat at now. Ok, well maybe the losing of jobs and cut salaries are more important, but on a daily basis, I miss eating out.

Consider this your resource to gain knowledge on ways to fight off this recession on a personal level and vent about its effect on you.  Post a response!…get involved! it will be fun.